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Adopting Walker Learning principles for its junior primary students, Stradbroke’s play and inquiry-based pedagogy requires plenty of space to set up different environments, access outdoor spaces, as well as store equipment, which was not adequate in its existing Reception Hub.

Set for completion in mid-2022, Das Studio’s thorough consultation throughout every stage of the design process ensures the final design is uniquely suited to Stradbroke Primary School.

With underpinning design principles of connecting indoor and outdoor spaces, as well as providing adequate space and sightlines to support the Walker Learning Pedagogy, Das Studio designed a new Reception Hub.


Nestled within a triangular wedge at the eastern most point of the school campus between Fourth Creek, Koonga Avenue and a sea of eucalypts, the site for Stradbroke Primary School’s new Early Learning Hub provides an opportunity to create immersive internal and external learning environments for curious young minds.


The 720m2 new Early Learning Hub comprises four new General Learning Areas clustered around a central serviced (wet) breakout area with supporting Teacher’s Prep, Withdrawal, and Amenities.

Savings unearthed through reuse of the existing structure footings and raft slab also unlocked funds to upgrade the adjoining four Year 1 teaching spaces to create bookended spaces around the expansive Nature Play.


“As a principal I have been impressed with the genuine and inclusive consultation process provided by Das Studio. They listened to staff and students about their ideas for creating a contemporary, innovative, flexible learning indoor and outdoor space for young learners.

They captured our dream and included and guided us through a highly complex building process. The Stradbroke Community is excited about our new build.”

Tanya Scanlan

Principal, Stradbroke School