Greenwith Primary Architecture Adelaide

Greenwith Primary


Kaurna Country  |  Greenwith SA


Completed 2021


Department for Education SA


Tom Roschi


Wax Design, Sarah Constructions


Das Studio


Architecture, Interior Design

When we met Greenwith Primary School, their performing arts curriculum had no home. With the requirement to deliver a new Performing Arts Centre and several classrooms within a significantly constrained site, it was clear that fitting in the new facilities would require South Australia’s first two storey modular school building.

Greenwith Primary Architecture Adelaide

The generous performing arts space and flexible access to outdoor and common area facilitates staff teaching autonomously and collaboratively.


Greenwith Primary School Performing Arts Centre enjoys a distinctive presence to the street. As a result, the design response needed to create a visual landmark that respected and built upon the surrounding context.

Effectively a new front door to the school, the works also included the creation of a safe, highly utilised ‘kiss and drop’ which allows parents and teachers to supervise student access without imposing.

Greenwith Primary Architecture Adelaide

The external materiality and form take cues from the existing school and translates the red bricks, circular windows, and arched roofs into playful motifs and a grounded brick façade at entry level. The floorplan adopts a ‘H’ shape configuration to create a central breakout space, while making clever use of the internal and external edges to provide nooks for retreat, bag racks and storage.

Greenwith Primary Architecture Adelaide
Greenwith Primary Architecture Adelaide

Greenwith Primary School stands as the embodiment of innovation and collaboration between a design team, school user groups and contractors.

Greenwith Primary Architecture Adelaide