Garden Path


Somerton Park SA  |  Kaurna Country


Completed 2020


Das Studio


2021 HIA Housing Awards SA Best Custom-Built Home ($550k – $800k)


Architecture, Interior Design

A client looking to resize from a grand family home to a scaled down, and now child-free space. A brief that specifies beautiful heritage details and industrial finishes, but filled with textured, handmade furnishings, artworks and homewares from trips abroad. The Garden Path is about downsizing space and increasing liveability.


The potential of the seaside block relied on turning our backs to the overbearing two-story residence to the south and welcoming in the sunny, green views and heritage rooftops to the north. An old brick garage at the end of an awkward dog leg was the only part of the existing dwelling that was retained, and now acts as an intimate studio open to local artists and craftspeople.


With a small block and a limited budget, Das Studio were excited to introduce areas to enjoy the morning light and greet the great outdoors, with a series of architectural moves to propagate equal parts volume and intimacy within a tight plan layout.

Make better

Our client had always envisioned a tropical entry progression down the side of her home. Merging this idea with her desire for limited internal hallways, we brought the greenery inwards and designed a central corridor that’s external to the house and open to the sky – a gated pathway through a garden to the entry door.

The design of a dining room that opens to the elements on multiple sides creates an overlapping of internal and external entertaining space that can be utilised all year round. The polished concrete floors and rhythm of the exposed ceiling structure flow from outside to in, separated only by the glazed doors that open or close, depending on the season.

A clean white weatherboard façade with traditional detailing is a nod to the heritage of our client’s previous homes. And patterned titles, woven and timber lighting, together with her own curation of artifacts gives a layered hint to adventures past.