Das Studio HQ


Adelaide SA  |  Kaurna Country


Completed 2020


Josh Geelen  |  Shannon Wark


35th Dulux Colour Awards Commendation



Architecture, Interior Design, Furnishing

In late 2019, Das Studio Directors Sara and Dino saw a lonely 70s Besser Block warehouse longing for a makeover so that it may once again endear itself to one of Adelaide’s most iconic heritage streets. Having already outgrown three previous studios in the span of 12 months, the duo spied a spacious tenancy with room to grow the Das family.

If generosity, innovation and good vibes could be decanted into a set of charmingly retro Negroni glasses - that would describe the Das Studio headquarters.

Das Studio now houses 18 creatives and professionals, with the casual visitation of numerous dogs including the OG barkitect Bowie. For what is a home without family?


Found on a quiet, one-way street and flanked by character homes, the building had been vacant for 12 months – a rabbit warren of small fluorescently lit offices with warehousing in the back, water-stained ceiling tiles and threadbare blue carpet, but surrounded by vibrant community.


Das Studio composed a series of rules to help define a narrative – light and bright. Mobile fixtures and movable parts. Equitable workstations with a particular disregard for traditional hierarchy. Living and breathing greenery to visually and acoustically soften the warehouse aesthetic. The space was to be less office and more home.

Make better

The response was bold colours and lighting to define particular pockets, with intimately low-lit meeting rooms designed for candid conversation.

A kitchen Island on wheels, mobile pedestals, freestanding shelving and laptops allow team members to relocate project teams with ease along a central workstation that perches people next-to-and-facing each other for better engagement and collaboration.

Large potted plants fill every possible nook and cranny, with planter-lined windowsills and an automated watering system, while a native vegetation verge on the front footpath gives back to the beautiful street.

Beloved pieces from Sara and Dino’s very own collection (plus fun things they and the team source along the way) imbue the space with joy – Billie Justice Thompson prints, a cobalt blue Daniel and Emma bench and candy pink Michael Carney sculpture pay homage to our amazing local artists, craftspeople and designers.