RFDS Marree


Marree SA  |  Dieri Country


Completed 2021


Royal Flying Doctors Service


Das Studio


Architecture, Interior Design, Feasibility, Grant Funding support

The Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) provides healthcare to our country’s most vulnerable citizens. The Adelaide-based Central Operations team service much of central Australia from the remote town of Marree, with a facility in need of an upgrade. Off the back of a think piece titled Agile Health Infrastructure authored by Das Studio Director, Dino Vrynios, our team – together with modular construction specialist MDLR – approached the RFDS with a new solution to their ongoing Marree problem.

Das Studio’s ingenuity helped create a project that provides some of our most vulnerable Australians with equitable access to better healthcare.

Das Studio didn’t just design a health clinic, they co-designed a methodology for delivering a remote Health Precinct for the betterment of regional South Australians.


600km north of Adelaide, an ageing, asbestos riddled building had been shouldering the healthcare of rural South Australians. The isolated nature of the site made upgrades to these facilities near impossible and put immense pressure on already limited resources. Even the local water, too saline for the production of concrete, would need to be shipped in.


Faced with these logistical challenges, the Marree Health Precinct presented an ideal opportunity to draw on Das Studio’s expertise in prefabricated construction and explore more agile infrastructure and procurement methodologies for delivering Health Services in Australia.

Make better

In partnership with the RFDS and MDLR, the team applied design thinking to the funding model and procurement of the project, assisting the RFDS secure funding with MDLR by undertaking a design feasibility and costing exercise that validated a modular construction methodology over a traditional in-situ build.

Das together with MDLR, developed a 250m2 clinic and essential services infrastructure that overcame the remote nature of the site – all fabricated in Adelaide and commissioned in Marree.

Four treatment rooms, dispensary, sterilisation, community spaces and virtual health facilities, in addition to staff quarters and accommodation operating since November 2021.